Monthly Archive: August 2017

Why My valuation Is Better Than Yours

The execution-failed again so again bro stone outsource the understanding outsource the execution but not the understanding that how to be a property valuer if you do outsource the understanding you are very susceptible to the character of your advisor and in saying that you may start out with an advisor who is very what’s the rightward they’ve got that your best interest in mind don’t the big picture in mind they might come up against they might get a divorce themselves they may get into gambling they make.

If there’s a whole range of life stuff they can get in and they can start out one way and end another way so if you outsource the understanding you are susceptible to the character of your advisor which is very very vulnerable space to be I I spend a lot of time in the clients that we work with to explain to them that we’retaking their we’re taking them on our journey and they’re holding us accountable so there’s a captain there’san accountability story here so by that mean if you know we ask a couple of questions around your level of knowledge your level of experience as a property investor.

we ask you to rank that between one and ten and it’s really important to understand why we’re asking your to rank that because we want to see where you’re at and where we can take you and the more knowledge we built and this is while we’re content rich not only on the podcast we provide but also on our web site we’ve got how-to videos everywhere front from beginner to advanced so it’s really it’s really-important that through building up what knowledge you can hold your advisor accountable just like the advisor is hoping to coach you on the journey of your wealth care. for more details about property valuations in Brisbane, visit www.brisbanepropertyvaluations.com.au

How To Turn valuation Into Success

The property just doesn’t make sense to me so when you’re talking about strategy structure what we’re talking about is understanding the treatment of income the treatment of rent in regards to which lender is going to take a higher renal proportion are they going to factor in negative gearing benefits are they going to look at adding backs so this all the complexities what assessment rates are they going to use and how do they treat existing debt versus new debt will.

They allow you to do interest only lending there is a lot of noise with a sick at the moment around interest only lending and and we’re-obviously of a strong view a very very strong view that interest only lending is very good if you keep your money in an offset account and you don’t spend that money so if you’re paying down your loan but technically not putting it in the loan account you’re building it up in an offset account it’s exactly the same thing you’re paying exactly the same interest rate and so from that point of view it’s about being control of your own liquidity to take opportunities as they present themselves but on the field that’s hard for people to change that paradigm isn’t because they feel.

This Valuations NSW insecurity around the fact that I’m playing down the line even though you’re controlling your cash and you’re giving yourself-more choices and flexibility under that arrangement yeah that’s right price I think what we’re saying there if you ‘re an owner occupier in the first home buyer going to buy a home and you were you know you have no aspirations of building wealth or all that typing in the month per your nice fine you knew that that’s okay but for the clients that we work with it’s absolutely paramount that we get sophisticated around money management.