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That can be hugely useful for that how does the profession keep up to date with what goes on in the ecosystem like you guys go back at the end of three years and relook some of the valuation you’ve done and said oh you don’t this worked really well this was way off track and as a way to learn right so.


I’m not sure what do you guys do dilemma as sometimes feel like

I’m a hamster on the wheel you know where we are spinning any running just to just to stay in place but um well I talk to people like you sir to learn but one has to plug into as many networks as possible and Griffith hack the firm I work for it started off as a patent and trademark attorney firm now.

It’s kind of full-service IP but you’all have different people in independent property valuers Melbourne different technology areas and going into different networks things like that so once continually trying to listen and learn we also get involved in IP transactions which I think is really useful because sometimes.

You can get a bit lost in a spreadsheet and you’re going to be aware of the difficulty that you can achieve and that you can encounter in selling patents for instance but you don’t just basically go back and relook some of your own valuation reports for clients after two years and.

look at some of the assumptions you guys admit or we were really off here we were really long and look at your peer’s tour again in the industry so everybody learns from each other’s valuation in part because they said that’s the best there’s an element of guesstimate too right yeah ‘ll call.

It judgment judgment yeah it looks better when you’recharging the kleinright look in terms of going back that we do and with some clients where one doing that sort of strategic evaluations and you’re-reviewing the milestones where you getting that that’s happening automatically another factor though that you have to bear in mind if you’re doing evaluations to support a sale or for tax or for litigation or something you ‘re always doing the valuation at particular date so there’s that has adapted so if there are some massive changes.

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The property just doesn’t make sense to me so when you’re talking about strategy structure what we’re talking about is understanding the treatment of income the treatment of rent in regards to which lender is going to take a higher renal proportion are they going to factor in negative gearing benefits are they going to look at adding backs so this all the complexities what assessment rates are they going to use and how do they treat existing debt versus new debt will.

They allow you to do interest only lending there is a lot of noise with a sick at the moment around interest only lending and and we’re-obviously of a strong view a very very strong view that interest only lending is very good if you keep your money in an offset account and you don’t spend that money so if you’re paying down your loan but technically not putting it in the loan account you’re building it up in an offset account it’s exactly the same thing you’re paying exactly the same interest rate and so from that point of view it’s about being control of your own liquidity to take opportunities as they present themselves but on the field that’s hard for people to change that paradigm isn’t because they feel.

This Valuations NSW insecurity around the fact that I’m playing down the line even though you’re controlling your cash and you’re giving yourself-more choices and flexibility under that arrangement yeah that’s right price I think what we’re saying there if you ‘re an owner occupier in the first home buyer going to buy a home and you were you know you have no aspirations of building wealth or all that typing in the month per your nice fine you knew that that’s okay but for the clients that we work with it’s absolutely paramount that we get sophisticated around money management.